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Real Name: Angelo Espinosa
Current Team: None
Past Teams: Generation X, a gang in L.A.
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #317
Love Interest: Tores (former), Amanda (former), Husk (former), Jubilee (current)
Age: 16
Nationality: USA (South Central Los Angeles)
Known Family: Father (dead), Mother, Gil (cousin)

Skin's power scientifically is known as dermal flexibility manipulation, which, in street English, means his skin stretches. Pretty much, Angelo was born with six of seven feet of extra skin which he his capable of stretching and mentally controlling, similar to the Inhuman's Medusa's hair. When he does this, however, it causes him immense headaches and will often lose control of his sk, making it "melt" off of himself (as seen in Uncanny X-Men #317).

Skin was born and raised in a violent neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles. He always wanted to get out of Los Angeles, especially after his father was shot in a drive-by shooting. During a gang shooting in which two members of his gang died, Angelo faked his death to get away from the violence that surrounded him. Skin was then later kidnaped by the Phalanx, who he escaped from and then joined Generation X to learn how to look normal and reduce the amount of migraines he gets every time he uses his powers so that he can join humanity looking normal.

After Gen X
Skin returned to California accompanied by Jubilee. Not wanting to be part a superhero any longer, he tried to adjust to a normal life.

Notes and Personal Thoughts
Skin has the ultimate skin problem, don'tcha think? He knows how to fight and survive and is smart enough to know when to not fight and when to use his head.

Did'ja Know. . .

  • Angelo does not want to become a member of the X-Men, as he has previously stated. He just wants to be normal.
  • Hank McCoy (Beast) talked Skin into joining Gen X.
  • Skin smokes.
  • Angelo wears boxers.

    Sumbit Did'ja Know... Facts

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