Our final issue of The AcademyDear Fellow Generation X Fans,

It saddens us to say that The Academy: A Gen X Webzine is permanently shut down. This is due to the fact that Generation X, the comic book series the webzine was dedicated to, ended as of issue #75 in May of 2001.  Over two years we existed, publishing twenty-eight issues in two different volumes with several different writers over the years, including the founding members (Tigrr Wildcat, Ryoga, Gen-xmaster, Echo, and myself, Nate1234) and writers who joined our crew later on (Dark Claw, Backfire, Koolaid, Trax, Synch, Tracie Mauk (KatroZ!), J-Fan, and Dani Royer, to name a few).

We admit, we could continue to publish The Academy if we wanted to. After all, three Gen X members will be recurring characters in three of the other X-books, but it just wouldnít be the same. Plus, letís not forget a few other reasons for us to shut down the site. Many of us are very busy now with real lives. From the time this site started to now over half of our crew has graduated high school or college and many of us now have real jobs. Many of us also donít plan to follow the other X-series and thus why weíre ending the zine now.

To our regular visitors and readers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always visiting, sending us e-mail, and telling us how much you enjoyed us. I thank you, because this was perhaps one of my most favorite sites Iíve ever helped create. Three years ago I spammed a bunch of Gen X website owners asking them if they were interested in creating a webzine. About a third of that group went along with me in creating this site and it still amazes me today that we lasted as long as we did. Iím so thankful that we ended up ending because Generation X was canceled rather than the zine falling apart at the seems.

Thank you very much for being such great readers. Please, drop me a line anytime. Who knows, someday we may create a new webzine.

-Nate Raymond, aka Nate1234

Click here to read our final issue, issue #4.

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