New Chabon Book Out in October

The release date is set for Michael Chabon’s next book.

Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures & Regrets of a Husband, Father & Son has a release date of October 9, 2009, according to Amazon. The collection of essays will run 320 pages. Previous published reports have said the book will include his non-fiction writing on the subject of what it’s like being a man in terms of being a son, a father and a husband.

No cover image is included with the solicitation. The book carries a cover price of $25.99.

‘Mysteries’ Trailer Online

The trailer for the film adaptation of Mysteries of Pittsburgh is now online.

The movie, which languished for months without a distributor lined up, is finally set to hit theaters, although just for a limited release. The movie will hit screens in New York on March 27, and will then jump over to Los Angeles on April 4.

A Peak into Chabon’s Journal

Falling behind on the news, it seems, as I only found out today that Michael Chabon was featured in Tuesday’s “Writer’s Notebook” in The New York Times.

In it, Chabon gives a peak into his journal, specifically an entry from his visit to Beijing in 2004. Back then, of course, Chabon was working on Disney’s “Snow and the Seven,” which was set to be directed by Yuen Wo Ping. (Chabon was replaced by another writer in 2006.)

Anyhow, check it out.