Vaughan to ‘Meet’ Sam Clay

A new hardcover edition of The Escapists will feature an introduction by Michael Chabon that will introduce real-life writer Brian K. Vaughan to Sam Clay, according to the comic’s writer and artist.

The hardcover, set to hit stores Dec. 12, collects the six-part series about Maxwell Roth and Case Weaver, two Cleveland comic fanatics who try to revive the dormant Escapist line of comics. In his e-mail newsletter Wednesday, Steve Rolston, who drew the “reality” sequences in the series, says an intro Chabon wrote for the collection is “almost like an epilogue to Chabon’s novel, as the fictional Sam Clay meets a young boy at a comic convention.”

Vaughan, who wrote the series, talked about the introduction with Los Angeles CityBeat in September. It features “a character from Kavalier & Clay, who’s at a convention for old-timer comics creators in the 1980s, and inspires a young Brian Vaughan to become a comic book writer.”

“It’s the most surreal experience to read my favorite novelist writing me into the canon of his world,” Vaughan said. “It’s awesome.”

The collection also features a cover by Alex Ross. It’s priced at $19.95.

Final Escapists Hits Stands

The final issue of The Escapists hit stands Wednesday.

“Thanks to everyone who loved this miniseries as much as we did,” writer Brian K. Vaughan said on his forum.

Steve Rolston and Jason Shawn Alexander illustrate the final tale of Max and Case. “When tragedy strikes, will the character that brought them together ultimately tear them apart?” the issue’s solication says. “Find out in this fantastic final issue of the Escapist’s first miniseries!”

Escapists #5 Hits Stores

The Escapists #5 hit stores Wednesday, leaving only one more issue to go.

“I can’t tell you how much I love this mini,” writer Brian K. Vaughan says at his Web site.

Is Luna Moth an agent of the Iron Chain? Is she under the Saboteur’s control? Will Denny get out of jail? Will Max and Case make it, in more sense than one? You’ll have to buy the issue to find out.

Escapists #4 Hits Stores

Brian K. Vaughan clearly likes The Escapists #4, in stores today

“I love this issue more than my wife,” Vaughan said in a forum posting.

Vaughan said “it’s all thanks to the art team,” Steve Rolston and Jason Alexander.

“If you’re not reading this book, what the hell is wrong with you?” he said.

In this issue, Max, Case, and Denny become increasingly irritable toward each other as a high-powered corporate lawyer moves in to yank their Escapist rights. Meanwhile, within the comic they’re making, the Escapist faces samurai-wielding female warriors, who have taken Luna Moth hostage.

The issue costs $2.99. For a preview, click here.

Escapists #3 Hits Stores

The third part in the amazing adventure of Max and Case Weaver hits stores today.

The Escapists #3, written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Steve Rolston and Jason Alexander, the issue marks the half-way mark in the six-part mini-series tale of two friends and their efforts to revive the Escapist comic franchise in the 2000’s.

“I really hope you guys are reading this comic because it’s full of goodness,” Rolston said in his e-mail newsletter today.

According to solicitations, in this issue, Case gets reckless after letterer Denny knocks-out some convenience store thieves while dressed as the Escapist. Case and Max break into the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s office during the night to give their new Escapist comic even more press. But a night watchman isn’t too far away.

“People keep begging me to tell them what new projects I’m going to take on after Runaways, but if you haven’t read this yet, it’s new to you!” Vaughan said a forum posting Tuesday. “Just try it, and I’ll buy it back from you if you don’t love it. This is seriously one of the best comics I’ve ever been involved with.”

And for those of you who like to look before buying, Broken Frontier has a five-page preview of the issue.