Where Were Chabon, Waldman on Inauguration Day?

After raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Obama’s campaign last year, Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon hit Washington, D.C. this week to party and watch the inauguration parade.

The couple had a busy weekend. Chabon was expected on Saturday to attend a performance by Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble hosted by The New Republic, The New York Times reports. Then on Monday, Chabon participated in a reading of the Constitution at the Newseum on Monday, according to The Legal Times. Later, the two were expected to attend a $500-a-person dinner that Waldman helped organize called “Art.Food.Hope.” (The dinner, which featured famous chefs, helped raise fund for the D.C. Central Kitchen.)

And Tuesday, the big day? Chabon, Waldman, and their four children watched the parade. After several hours in the cold, though, Waldman told The San Francisco Chronicle that her kids began to get white and shake, and “we were ushered from the parade site by the Secret Service.” Luckily, their son Zeke “shared a glance with the new president,” Waldman said.

(Side note: When did Waldman and Chabon break the $200,000 mark for Obama? Wow.)

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