Chabon Revising ‘John Carter of Mars’ Script

In yesterday’s item by Deadline Hollywood Daily about Michael Chabon switching agents, it mentioned that he was attached to write a script for Disney’s John Carter of Mars. Having never heard that before, I checked in with Chabon to see if it was accurate. The answer is yes.

“I’ve been hired to do some revisions to an already strong script by Andrew Stanton and Mark Andrews,” Chabon said. “I wrote my original screenplay The Martian Agent back in 1995 because I wished I could do [Edgar Rice] Burroughs’s Barsoom. So this is pretty much a dream come true for me.”

Disney got the option rights to Burrough’s 11-volume series in 2007 after the rights lapsed at Paramount Pictures. Andrew Stanton, the writer and director of Finding Nemo and WALL-E, is set to direct. It’s expected to hit theaters in 2012.


  1. Dotar Sojat

    I have been waiting 50 years for this movie, and have been constructing and reconstructing the opening scenes in my mind the whole time. I hope that the somewhat archaic and courtly nature of the dialogue is preserved as much as possible, and is not modernized too much or cuted up. Carter is a cultured Virginia gentleman who has “ever been a fighting man”, but is also chivalrous, and I hope he is portrayed that way. The key to his character is in really in the second and third books. He’s not Mal Reynolds, or Brendan Fraser’s character in “The Mummy”, or Jack Sparrow. He is closer to Aragorn. He is an aristoctatic warrior. Getting him right is the main thing. And I have always used that screen name.

  2. DougSoCal

    I also have been waiting ‘forever’, since the late 50’s. I read the ERB books numerous times over the years and was able to introduce my Daughter to the series. After all this time to finally see this on the big screen will be unbelievable. I do hope Jerry Bruckheimer gets a hand in so that the budget will show up on screen and in hightened production values. The choice of Chabon seems ideal. 2012 huh? I’ll stop smoking and improve my lifestyle.
    Actor suggestion: I appologize for not knowing his name but the actor who played ‘Warren Peace’ in Sky High fits for me. 🙂 Of course if a place could be found for Kurt Russsel, that wouldn’t hurt either. This IS very exciting stuff! woo hoo!

  3. Stu Shiffman

    I hope that John Carter actually makes it to the screen this time. I was so excited when Jon Favreau was going to make it — and then he got taken off to do Iron Man (a fine film nevertheless).

    Where’s my thoat, Tars Tarkas?!!

  4. Richard Paul Glass

    John Carter was ERB’s first major hero. The adventures of the greatest swordsman on two planets weaving a net of steel about his body against uncountable foes while protecting the woman he loved were what sparked my interest in fencing. I never even got close to being the greatest swordsman on one planet let alone two, but I enjoyed foil and epee [never having the wrist for saber]. Having just listened to the first five Barsoom books unabridged, I hope that its flora, fauna, and anthropology make it to the big screen as well. Keep the 1911 language – how better to show that we’re on an alien world? – as well as the high level of swordsmanship implied. Mayhaps the best of American fencing salles can be scoured for motion capture talent. I eagerly await seeing what a CGI Barsoom will look like under the direction of one of Pixar’s best using words rewoven by Kavalier & Clay’s creator. PS: I love the shirt on top – is it available?

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