Ayelet Wins Delegate Seat

Ayelet Waldman could be forgiven for thinking winning the race to become a delegate for Sen. Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention for her Congressional district was a long-shot. After all, 101 people were competing for four seats, and experts told her she’d need at least 100 votes to be competitive.

But good news came Sunday night: Waldman won by 347, “by far the highest in my caucus,” Waldman said via e-mail.

What does that mean? It means come August, Waldman will be heading to Denver to cast the formal vote for Obama. And while in the past that would just mean she’d be around for a great party, this year is all about the delegates, thanks to the never-ending campaign by Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Waldman has been highly active volunteering for Obama’s campaign. She helped campaign in Nevada, South Carolina, and Texas, and trained lawyers in Northern California. She organized fundraisers, and raised $65,000 on the Internet.

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