Escapist Sales Continue to Decline

Comic stores ordered only 4,594 copies of Michael Chabon Presents: The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist #8 in November, the lowest number since the series’ debut, according to ICv2 and Diamond.

Dark Horse distributes its titles to comic stores exclusively by Diamond. However, these numbers do not include other sales outlets, specifically bookstores, where the Escapist can commonly be found.

ICv2’s estimates, released Monday and based on Diamond’s US sales indexes and publisher sales data, also do not include sales by Diamond UK, orders made after November, or copies still in Diamond’s inventory.

Even with these exceptions, though, the numbers do give some insight into the business-side of the Escapist anthology. November’s sales are less than half what issue #1’s were in February 2004, when it sold 9,695 copies.

However, compared to the previous issue, sales only dropped 386 issues. The decline comes despite nabbing hot-property Brian K. Vaughan as a regular writer.

For further November comic sales analysis, head to ICv2.

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